There was excellent Italian and Italian American food in New York long before Eataly muscled its way into Manhattan. Here’s a thread devoted to smaller local vendors for fresh mozzarella and pasta in Bensonhurst. Gotta love old-school names like Lioni’s and Frank and Sal’s.

For eye candy, there’s a lovely shot of some fresh mozzarella, which Cheese Boy says he used to grab at Calandra when he was a teen living up on Arthur Avenue, walking around while eating it out of hand, milk dripping everywhere. Not a bad lunch, as far as we’re concerned—and it’s great when a thread with Bensonhurst in its title draws memories from as far away as the Bronx!

Lioni [Bensonhurst]
7803 15th Avenue, Brooklyn

Frank and Sal [Bensonhurst]
8008 18th Avenue, Brooklyn

Calandra Cheese [Bronx]
2314 Arthur Avenue, Bronx

Discuss: Best Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Pasta for purchase in Bensonhurst or nearby

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