The many endless hours of the Super Bowl are enlivened by only one thing: odd commercials. It was a relatively blah crop this year, but there were a couple of standouts for food enthusiasts. First, a Doritos spot in which it’s suggested that eating the chips can make women’s clothing blow off and money spurt from ATMs. However, it will not prevent your being hit by a bus:

Then there’s the Pepsi Max ad, which depicts men injured in horrifying accidents affirming, “I’m good.” Because they’re tough. They’re men. And they drink Pepsi Max, the diet soda for big, tough men. What do you suppose PepsiCo puts in it? Rhinoceros testicles?

And finally, the Bud Light ad, in which an office worker’s suggestion that management stop providing a cooler full of frosty Bud Lights for meetings gets him hurled out a window (haw haw! Becoming paralyzed from the neck down is hysterical!):

Previous Super Bowls have featured some classic spots though; here’s a rundown of some of CHOW’s favorite food-related Super Bowl commercials from years past.

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