Metro Café has been a longtime favorite for Serbian dinners. But did you know about the wonderful breakfasts there?

Sautéed banana pancakes are delicious, reports bulavinaka. They’re bananas sliced in half lengthwise, sautéed with butter and sugar, then separated into three sections. Each section gets a dollop of pancake batter poured on top of it. Once finished, they’re neatly stacked on a plate dusted with powdered sugar and topped with whipped butter.

Montenegro breakfast is also fantastic. It’s a base of bacon and red peppers, topped with three eggs and then sprinkled with feta and capers, and served with perfectly browned breakfast potatoes. “Capers are underutilized IMHO—any chef who thinks of using capers on a breakfast plate has my attention,” says bulavinaka.

Metro Café [Westside – Inland]
11188 Washington Place, Culver City

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