There’s a new sausage-maker in town: Grindhaus, purveyor of a few well-focused fresh sausages and pickled vegetables (beets, green beans, carrots, cabbage), all of which can be picked up and taken home from the small Hollywood Boulevard shop.

Those sausages are some of the most succulent lil mikey has ever seen. “They were very soft to the touch, obviously made hours earlier, and since they’re also made from freshly ground meat, it’s just a different sausage than what I’m used to.” They cook up juicy and fragrant. “And the texture as you bite into them was like the touch,” says lil mikey. “Fresh, and loose… not a solid piece like a Dodger dog.” The lamb merguez actually tastes distinctly of lamb, instead of pure spicing.

Grindhaus [Hollywood]
5634 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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