Fennel pollen is delicious, says bigmackdaddy, who thinks it tastes like anise, but much smoother. He adds it to coffee grounds in his French press. kobetobiko thinks it goes well with seafood and game, and is great in pork and fennel sausage. It’s a traditional Tuscan ingredient, according to Rubee, who recommends using it in a rub for pork or chicken.

gatorfoodie mixes a little fennel pollen with cornmeal and dusts this on a peel before sliding bread and pizza onto a baking stone. “It really adds another dimension to the breads,” says gatorfoodie. nicholeati sprinkles it on scrambled eggs, and on popcorn with sea salt. Emily Adamson suggests dusting fennel pollen on pizza, pasta, and risotto.

Fennel pollen is used in Chinese medicine too, says Melanie Wong, who notes that it can be purchased from Chinese herbalists fresher and at lower cost than from specialty grocers.

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