Some Chowhounds think raw avocado is perfect the way it is. And some can’t wait to deep-fry it. “I had deep fried avocado tacos at Torchy’s Tacos in Austin, Texas,” says luckyfatima. “It seemed to be dredged in crumbs, not a wet batter. The grainy breading crust created a nice texture contrast with the soft avocado. Very delicious taco.” “A sushi place in my town has this dish- battered and deep fried avocado half,” says sedimental. “It is called ‘Monkey Brains.’ Really, half the avocado when dipped in squiggly batter looks like a little brain!”

“At Pastiche in Tucson last spring we had as a starter martini glasses filled with strips of deep-fried avocado with some kind of cocktail sauce—and man, they were delicious!” says BerkshireTsarina. “Avocado being so rich, a whole or even a half, stuffed and/or deep fried, would be over the top. But these were kind of like fried mozzarella strips but, obviously, avocado.”

Not everyone is a fan. “I’ve had these in LA,” says hyacinthgirl. “I wasn’t impressed, the avocado flavor seemed too delicate to hold its own next to the fried taste. Ultimately, it just made me crave something like french fries with a side of fresh sliced avocado.”

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