In a corner of Gu-Shine, a hound-endorsed Taiwanese restaurant in Flushing, a dumpling genius is at work. Her steamed baozi, made by hand before your eyes and sold for takeout, are the best in New York, Buddha Belly promises.

Fillings are vegetable or pork and vegetable, and either can be made with a whole-wheat wrapping. Ingredients are choice, Buddha Belly writes, a clear upgrade over “the cheap type fat-laden ground pork most places use and that I despise (you know those awful 4/$1 places that some rave about).” Beyond the buns there’s a lineup of Taiwanese and other Chinese snacks, most priced at $1. Check out crispy, flavorful scallion pancakes, FattyDumplin suggests.

Gu-Shine [Flushing]
135-40 39th Avenue (between Main and Prince streets), Flushing, Queens

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