The Curious Palate is a proponent of modern food philosophy: fresh local ingredients, preparations that emphasize ingredient purity, easy on the salt. It’s new, and a little uneven, says Jase, but what’s good is really, really good. The house-made pickles are particularly excellent, says self-described pickle monster Dommy.

Meatloaf is juicy and very well-textured, says Jase. It’s made from a mix of beef, veal, and pork, and seasoned with real anchovies. Pastrami on rye is very nice, says New Trial, with whole-grain beer mustard to go with it.

Some complain about the general undersalting. It is “undersalted compared to what we’re used to when we eat out elsewhere,” says bulavinaka, but it might make you reconsider what proper salting really is. “I think if one gives the flavors of the food at this place a chance, they do impart a lot of care and consideration. Beluga lentils start to taste like lentils, carefully cured pickles taste of herbs and spices, short ribs sing of beef that has been delicately braised in a red wine sauce, and even the mac and cheese imparts great levels of flavors—you can actually taste the various cheeses as well as the pasta.”

They provide quality food across the board, using Intelligentsia coffee, artisan breads, and the like.

The Curious Palate [Westside–Beaches]
12034 Venice Boulevard, Mar Vista

Board Link: The Curious Palate–Mar Vista

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