Suet—fat culled from around the kidneys and other organs of sheep and cows—is a traditional ingredient in Christmas puddings and mincemeat pie, but flourgrrrl has been unable to find a very refined brand like Atora, which she says is easy to get in the UK. It isn’t the brick of lard that you can buy in a grocery store either. Lard is from pigs, and the fat can be from any part of the animal, though the highest-quality lard, leaf lard, comes from around the kidneys like suet. Suet looks different too: The refined stuff looks like little pellets, while leaf lard is in a big slab like a stick of butter.

Karl S suggests that since flourgrrrl plans to melt the suet to use in her pudding, it doesn’t matter if she uses lard, preferably grated in a rotary cheese grater. Since the closest place a Chowhound suggested as a potential suet source was British Supplies in Plymouth, flourgrrrl reluctantly said she would probably end up using leaf lard: “The leaf suet is probably a much more authentic ingredient; after all, Dickens’ Mrs. Cratchit wasn’t busting open a box of Atora for her Christmas pudding. What can I say? I have an emotional attachment!”

British Supplies [Plymouth]
1 Court Street, Plymouth

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