“On a fisherman’s blog almost all responded to the eating of fried herring with disgust to say the least,” says scunge. “The pictures of the fried fish, well, I have to say, look darn appetizing.” Why the hate?

scunge believes it’s a case of fish snobbery. “As a boy when I told my non-Italian friends I enjoyed squid and whiting they reacted as such,” he says. Pickling is a way to deal with herring or other fish you don’t like, says EricMM. “I remember reading years ago that whiting were so plentiful that people would walk along the shores of Coney Island on exceptionally frigid days..the whiting would get washed up in the surf and freeze solid when they were left on the beach,” says EricMM. “So they go fishing, only to come back (if lucky) with a pailful of fish they don’t really like. So it’s either freeze for bait, or pickle them up.”

Frying is for herring-lovers. “Fried herring is delicious,” says The Dairy Queen. “Dried & salted herring is my mom’s favorite fish; it’s delicious fried crispy until you just about eat the entire thing bones and all,” says Cherylptw. “Don’t know why it’s not liked more here in the U.S.”

Discuss: Fried Herring ???? Why the negative response’s?

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