ChinoWayne has long despaired of the eating opportunities in Chino. But he has found one glory: Owen’s Bistro. This is classic American fine dining—rack of lamb with green beans, or filet mignon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. But it’s just plain well done: fine ingredients well plated and well prepared. “Owen’s Bistro is the first, real, professional, grown-up restaurant we have found in Chino, and is a standout of the Inland Empire,” says ChinoWayne. “This is a hidden gem that has to be shared.”

Other chefs “tend to overemphasize their entrees,” but Owen’s chef “seems to put a great deal of value on the vegetables. The green beans and asparagus were cooked perfectly, tender yet still crunchy, fresh tasting, and with a robust green color,” says ChinoWayne.

Service is excellent—personable, helpful, and knowledgeable. Every element of the restaurant experience comes together well, says ChinoWayne.

Owen’s Bistro [Inland Empire]
5210 D Street, Chino

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