What can you do if you want to love mushrooms but can’t get over the texture? “I’ve always hated mushrooms—that nasty slimy texture that rubs off your teeth in a most unpleasant way,” says nicecupoftea. Is there any hope?

If you like the meaty taste of portobellos but not their texture, try cremini mushrooms. “These are nothing more than small portabello mushrooms. The smaller size results in a firmer texture without the huge gill structure,” says Indy 67. “Growing up I never liked mushrooms either, entirely because of the texture. Then I tried morels and my world was turned upside down,” says teemo. “I loved them! They may be difficult to find and expensive (depending on where you live), so my second suggestion is chanterelles.”

Aside from the mushroom variety, preparation can also contribute to what some perceive as sliminess. “Lots of mushrooms have that sort of spongy texture if they are sautéed improperly, but if they are dry sautéed or roasted or chopped up in a dish, they lose that textural problem,” says lisavf. “Try a mushroom risotto where the mushrooms are chopped up. You get great mushroom flavor, but because the mushrooms are chopped and sautéed and then added to the risotto, you don’t get the unfortunate texture.”

Passadumkeg‘s suggestion: “Reconstitute dried mushrooms in gin and put them in Martinis, instead of olives. By the third one, you’ll love mushrooms!”

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