Five-spice powder is great with pork, Chowhounds agree (and is traditionally used to cook Chinese pork belly, says kobetobiko), but they like it in a variety of preparations.

Val loves this Vietnamese grilled five-spice chicken. jeniyo braises chicken thighs and potato wedges in wine, soy sauce, and five-spice, and applemomma bakes salmon in parchment with five-spice, fennel, a slice of lemon or orange, and sesame oil.

“I have discovered that a touch of five spice powder is THE secret ingredient in Chinese fried rice,” says RGC1982. “Since I have been adding it, the family has been raving about the fried rice.” yayadave uses it in his most successful butternut squash soup.

Phoo_d has made five-spice ice cream, which uses whole spices, and says, “[I]t was really good, an interesting blend of sweet and heat.”

Board Link: Five Spice Powder—-What’s your favorite recipe?

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