“I was recently laughing at myself thinking about a few food and drink choices I had made that were inspired by fictional characters,” says MGZ. “Personally, when I first started to drink I was already a Wild Turkey man. I don’t think I had even smelled it before the first time I ordered it—undoubtedly the influence of Hunter S. Thompson’s Raoul Duke.” “There was a scene in the book 101 Dalmatians where the parent dogs gained shelter for the evening with an old man who made toast and tea by the fire, if IRC,” says meatn3. “That got me into a tea and buttered toast or cinnamon toast kick from about 10 -12 years of age.”

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe got my young arse obsessed with Turkish Delight as a child!” says Joishii. “And I still love it.”

“Ooh, Harriet the Spy made me want to make tomato sandwiches—remember they made her own mouth water just thinking about them?” says mariacarmen. “Just white bread, mayo, and thickly cut tomatoes and s&p.”

“There’s on old children’s parable called Stone Soup or suchlike that never failed to make me ravenous,” says Perilagu Khan. “It was about a couple of hungry soldiers who were trying to get certain villagers to help them prepare a meal. The villagers were reluctant so the soldiers placed their pot over a fire in the middle of the village, filled it with water, chucked a couple of rocks into it and began smacking their lips and loudly discoursing about how wonderful their stone soup would be. Slowly, the villagers began coming out of the woodwork and tossing in an onion here, a carrot there, a handful of mushrooms, a few chicken thighs, a dash of salt, etc. And at the end of the story the soldiers and villagers enjoy a wonderful cauldron of hot soup. Blimey! Is it dinner time yet?”

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