There are tons of snack-related sites out there. There are sites that review fast foods and sites that look at “kooky” snacks from different countries (even mainstream media can’t help getting into that act).

But Snackgirl’s site offers something a little different. Second Rate Snacks compares off-brand snacks to their national brand counterparts. So if you’ve ever wanted to know if Mello Yello is as good as Mountain Dew, or how Stax stack up to Pringles, this is the site for you. It even has its own controversies (see the comments section for Twizzlers vs. Red Vines).

In these difficult economic times, it’s good to have a place to turn for hard information on rip-off snacks. After all, why pay the high price for Goldfish when you can have better-tasting Whales for less? And when some Chowhounds prefer Little Debbie Marshmallow Supremes to pricey Mallomars, why, as they saying goes, pay more?

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