At long last, the first Dungeness crabs of the season have arrived. One of the best—and cheapest—places to get live crabs to cook at home is at Pillar Point Harbor, right off the boats.

For cooked crab, you can go Asian style—Vietnamese roasted crab with garlic noodles is a classic at Crustacean and its sister restaurant Thanh Long, but chefj prefers PPQ, saying it ” had much better prices and I liked their food better than the overhyped Thanh Long.” Chinese-style salt and pepper crab at R & G Lounge is excellent, says ML8000.

For Western-style crab, Woodhouse Fish Company serves it with garlic, lemon, and white wine, and it’s quite good, says fangsey. Swan Oyster Depot, always a go-to for super-fresh seafood, does a crab salad and also steamed crab with butter.

Pillar Point Harbor [Peninsula]
Princeton Avenue (at Broadway Street), Half Moon Bay

Crustacean [Civic Center]
1475 Polk Street, Suite 3, San Francisco

Thanh Long [Outer Sunset]
4101 Judah Street, San Francisco

PPQ Dungeness Island [Richmond District]
2332 Clement Street, San Francisco

R&G Lounge [Chinatown]
631 Kearny Street, San Francisco

Woodhouse Fish Company [Duboce Triangle]
2073 Market Street, San Francisco

Swan Oyster Depot [Nob Hill]
1517 Polk Street, San Francisco

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