There are two menus at El Nido: one Salvadoran and one Nicaraguan, with about a hundred choices between them.

Emapanadas are “unique and perfectly balanced,” says lil mikey. “This is not your ordinary empanada. The ‘crust’ is not crust, but rather it’s a large plantain hollowed-out and filled with a perfectly matched mixture of ricotta-like cheese with finely diced pineapple.” The empanada is covered with cream and fresh, vinegary cabbage slaw—perfect for cutting through the sweetness of the empanada, says lil mikey.

The nacatamal is an excellent, and rather large, tamal, full of huge chunks of tender pork, green olives, raisins, bell peppers, and tomatoes. The tamal shell is a mixture of corn masa and rice. “The rice breaks up the normally firm outside texture of other tamales and adds moisture and tenderness,” says lil mikey.

Straight-up meats on a platter are mostly overcooked. Deep-fried mozzarella, though, is great. And the brain soup is surprisingly good, says noahbites.

El Nido Restaurante [Mid-City]
2112 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles

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