Nông Thôn is a new Vietnamese restaurant in El Cerrito, conveniently located near the Rialto movie theater (a factor that becomes important when calculating the weekend evening crowd).

Bo luc lac, shaking beef, is “incredibly tender and flavorful—maybe the best rendition I’ve had of this,” says mariacarmen. Morning glory shoots (rau muong xao) are also delicious—”slightly bitter, a tad of a tanginess, in a warm broth; they had a lovely flowery sweetness to them.”

The crêpelike banh xeo is large and tasty but short on filling, says wolfe. “A little more filling would be nice,” agrees mariacarmen, “but the crêpe was crispy and not one bit greasy.”

Nearby Heng Heng is a pretty good place for pho, says kc72, with tasty broth and thickish noodles. “It smelled seriously good in there,” says gordon wing, who noticed the chef’s extensive credentials and the fact that he now offers banh mi.

Nông Thôn [East Bay]
10086 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
No phone available

Heng Heng Pho & Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant [East Bay]
10386 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito

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Heng Heng Pho /Vietnamese Restaurant

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