Well, they’ve done it: Jelly-mongers Sam Bompas and Harry Parr have achieved the Willy Wonka dream of chewing gum that changes flavor as you go. The Telegraph writes: “The chewing gum, which tastes of strawberry before—after a gap of some time—into chocolate, is to go on sale next week. … The gum uses microscopic edible ‘capsules’ called colloidosomes to release flavors at different stages of the chewing process.”

This of course raises the question of how well we’re doing in terms of re-creating Wonka’s other marvels.

Everlasting Gobstoppers
STATUS: Invented
ASSESSMENT: Not great. Not actually everlasting, and while the flavor changes are palpable, they’re not exactly mind-blowing. But in Gobstoppers’ defense, not only do they actually exist, they’re widely available for purchase.

Wonka Bars
STATUS: Invented
ASSESSMENT: Whimsically formulated Wonka Bars hit the market with a chocolate splash earlier this year, and they’re really not all that bad. Nice to have them around for actual consumption.

Fizzy Lifting Drink
STATUS: Not Invented
ASSESSMENT: Based on the liability concerns alone, that this stuff is still purely a fictional creation is probably for the best. It nearly killed poor Charlie Bucket.

Lickable Wallpaper
STATUS: Invented
ASSESSMENT: Superchef Heston Blumenthal pulled it off for a TV special, and the results were deemed “delicious.” Not exactly mass-market, but it’s still attainable, relatively speaking … so much so that there’s actually a recipe out there.

Of course, it’s meant for nurseries, so weigh that information appropriately. Apparently it’s not entirely mature to go around sticking your tongue to the wall in search of apricots and chocolate.

Image source: YouTube

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