While it’s usually the florets of broccoli that get all the attention, a number of Chowhounds are mad about broccoli stems, which, notes scubaadoo97, are the sweetest part. The florets and stems are almost two different vegetables, says tmso. “I think I like the stalks better. When serving them, I’ve had guests ask what that wonderful vegetable was.”

scuzzo thinks broccoli stems are “gold,” and peels and eats them raw. ipsedixit juliennes raw stems and adds them to salads for a nice crunch, but notes that “99 percent of the people think that you’re serving some sort of ‘artisan’ cucumber.” And oryza and gwendolynmarie have both pickled broccoli stems.

tmso’s favorite way to serve broccoli stems is poached and tossed with brown butter. toodie jane slices peeled stems in thick chunks and sautés them quickly with celery, then serves them sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. It’s a good flavor combination, she says.

Sam Fujisaka serves cold steamed broccoli stems with a miso-lemon drizzle or dip. almccasland cuts the stems into chunks and grills them. gwendolynmarie recommends tossing broccoli stems with garlic, red chile flakes, cumin, and a bit of toasted sesame oil and then roasting them; she also says that if they’re steamed quite well and trimmed, their inner core is so soft and silky that it can be mashed to be eaten alone or made into a dip.

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