Introducing a bit of alcohol to the dessert course in the form of a flavorful spirit or liqueur adds sophistication and complexity even to something as simple as fresh fruit.

Grand Marnier is chef chicklet’s favorite, over mixed berries, in a soufflé, or in chocolate mousse. phan1 is a fan of Kirsch (clear cherry brandy) in creams and custards. Vetter loves the hazelnut-flavored liqueur Frangelico with chocolate or in pear butter. She also marinates pineapple and peaches in dark rum, brown sugar, and vanilla bean, then grills the fruit. And both crosby_p and lcool like green Chartreuse herbal liqueur on vanilla ice cream. crosby_p says, “The alcohol content is so high it actually bubbles in your mouth.”

Meanwhile, Gooseberry says that the Chez Panisse Desserts cookbook offers recipes for a range of alcohol-based desserts.

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