Prince Charles has never been shy about his opposition to genetically modified plants. He’s among the world’s best-known organic farmers, after all. But has he ever been this vocal about it? From the UK Guardian:

Prince Charles has warned that the adoption of genetic modification in farming has set the world on course for ‘the biggest disaster, environmentally, of all time’.

In an outspoken assault on GM crops, the prince accused unnamed ‘gigantic corporations’ of ‘conducting a gigantic experiment with nature, and the whole of humanity, which has gone seriously wrong’.

He doesn’t just say it’ll lead to environmental disaster; he guarantees it. This has irritated a lot of scientists, of course, but since they’re English at least they’re colorful about it. A University of Surrey professor told the Telegraph that “[Charles] wants to retain his vision of a rural idyll by telling the poor to eat organic cake while he pours wine into the fuel tank of his sports car.” Which has to be the most overblown insult I’ve seen in a long time.

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