Taxi drivers like to fill up on South Asian chow at Dil-e Punjab in Chelsea, and so does duckie. Its aloo gobi (potato-cauliflower curry) is really good, she says, and its $6 vegetarian platter (main dish, basmati rice, roti, green chutney, yogurt) is worth checking out, too. “It’s clean, cheap, no frills,” duckie says. That’s how cabbies roll.

You’ll see them rolling up en masse outside Lasani on 29th Street. Seekh kebabs (grilled ground meat) are especially strong here, JungMann says. sugartoof reports cheap and freshly replenished steam-table fare, though her dish was underspiced.

The taxi traffic runs heavier from Midtown south, but plenty of fares are northbound, too. On Columbus Avenue, two dueling dhabas are filling this uptown niche. uwsister says the better choice is Doaba Deli. Its steam-table dishes seem fresher and brighter than those at Little Gujrat Deli across the street, squid kun reports; check out saag, chana dal, or a kicking zucchini curry, if it’s in the rotation.

Some other cabbie favorites, adored even by hounds who travel by Metrocard, are Lahore in SoHo, Lahori Kabab in Murray Hill, Pakistan Tea House in Tribeca, and Punjabi Grocery and Deli in the East Village (“you’ll be surprised what these guys can do with lentils,” promises EV_Eats).

Dil-e Punjab [Chelsea]
170 Ninth Avenue (between W. 20th and 21st streets), Manhattan

Lasani [Midtown]
15 W. 29th Street (between Broadway and Fifth Avenue), Manhattan

Doaba Deli [Manhattan Valley]
945 Columbus Avenue (between W. 106th and 107th streets), Manhattan

Little Gujrat Deli [Manhattan Valley]
946 Columbus Avenue (between W. 106th and 107th streets), Manhattan

Lahore [SoHo]
132 Crosby Street (between Houston and Prince streets), Manhattan

Lahori Kabab [Murray Hill]
124 Lexington Avenue (between E. 28th and 29th streets), Manhattan

Pakistan Tea House [Tribeca]
176 Church Street (between Duane and Reade streets), Manhattan

Punjabi Grocery and Deli [East Village]
114 E. First Street (between First Avenue and Avenue A), Manhattan

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