Adharanand Finn, a UK Guardian food blogger, asks, “Why Are Vegans So Vilified?” It’s certainly a valid question, especially since he is writing about a case in Scotland in which a vegan couple is being tried in the court of public opinion because their vegan-raised 12-year-old daughter was hospitalized with a degenerative bone condition. Nutritionists, policymakers, and others are calling for the couple to be investigated.

Finn sensibly notes that “[t]he truth is that if being brought up on a vegan diet led to degenerative bone conditions, it wouldn’t be news because hospitals up and down the country would be full—there are thousands of kids being brought up on a vegan diet in Britain,” and he re-emphasizes that milk is not the miracle food the “Got Milk” people would have you think it is.

He links the cries of child abuse in this case to a PETA ad from a couple of years ago that states, “Feeding kids meat is child abuse,” to show how both sides of the meat-eating divide use hot-button words and passionate beliefs as cudgels.

It’s an illuminating discussion, even if it still leaves the question of vegan hatred unanswered.

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