Brides do all sorts of impressive and somewhat crazy things—juggle seating charts, coordinate linens, make nice with crazy relatives—but the food-obsessed bride is a special sort. She’ll do all the above and bake her own wedding cake.

Yeah, it’s insane—I mean, ambitious—but more common than you’d think. Case in point is Kate, of the blog Pie in the Sky:

Let me just cut to the chase and say that I am going to bake my own wedding cake next year. Don’t sigh like that! Don’t give me that exasperated look! It was hard enough, acknowledging that I probably oughtn’t single-handedly prepare dinner for fifty-odd guests on my wedding day. Yes, I know it will be a busy time, I know I will be spazzing out about a million other things, but I am going to make my cake, okay?

Kate’s got some good company in the bridal baking club. Melissa of the Traveler’s Lunchbox baked 40 raspberry-Marsala cupcakes for her wedding in 2005, and Molly of Orangette spent last summer over a hot stove, baking 20 of her “winning hearts and minds” chocolate cakes for her wedding. Then there are those who take on the terrifying task of baking someone else’s wedding cake (imagine the pressure).

Kate is starting early and practicing a lot: “My first trial cake was to learn the rules of Big Cakery,” she explains. “What makes it stand up? What keeps it from collapsing into itself? How do you stabilize a cake?”

She’s got a year to practice, and I’m sure she’ll get there—don’t put it past the foodie bride. Who cares about coordinated table linens when there’s cake to be had?

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