Once upon a time there were chocolate sandwich cookies that didn’t start and end with an o. (Wait, there still are, but that’s beside the point.) These mystical cookies came from a company cheerily named Sunshine and were reputed to blow Oreos out of the water, taste-wise. In addition, way back when, they were kosher, whereas their competition used lard in its filling.

Those cookies were Hydrox, their name a cunning play on hydrogen and oxygen, despite that they were not watery at all. But Sunshine Biscuits was acquired by Keebler in the 1990s, and by 2003, Hydrox cookies were no longer being manufactured, much to the dismay of many.

But good news is on the horizon. Kellogg (which itself acquired Keebler in 2001—hooray for conglomeratization!) has announced that it will bring back Hydrox for a limited time. Let the hoarding begin!

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