When you know a winter storm is brewing, plan your hibernation with all the creature comforts, especially if you’re having guests over or are headed to the mountains. Cold weather recipes are what you need to spread the warmth inside and out. This menu can last you a whole weekend, with mix-and-match breakfasts and snacks, plus a great, hearty dinner. The recipes are a satisfying mix of slow-cooked, quick-baked, and easy-to-make food, perfect for when the next storm starts to unleash its fury. They’re stick-to-your-ribs recipes for those harsh winter days.

Breakfast Recipes

1. Hootsla (Egg Bread)

Kinda like French toast but with zero sophistication and 100-percent awesome, the dish is a quirky Pennsylvania Dutch dish that’s filling and easy to make: What’s not to love? Get our Hootsla (Egg Bread) recipe.

2. Braised Sweet Sausage

A little orange juice, maple syrup, and orange zest transform your typical ground-pork breakfast sausage links into something even more sweet and juicy. Get our Braised Sweet Sausage recipe.

3. Frittata Lorraine

Frittatas are like crustless quiches, and this frittata is like a ham-and-cheese sandwich with no bread, Canadian bacon, and Gruyere cheese. Sautéed shallots offer a heavenly aroma. Get our Frittata Lorraine recipe.

4. Carrot Cake Pancakes

Sure, there may be three parts to this recipe, but it’s not hard really. And look at the pile of lusciousness you get at the end! Just think of sinking your fork into that fluffy, gooey flapjacks stack. Get our Carrot Cake Pancakes recipe.

5. Kumquat Sparkler

Invest in only three special ingredients and get a high return for your dollar with this fancy, yet simple bubbling cocktail that can pass for a brunch beverage. It’s got kumquats, which are like mini oranges, to contrast the ginger liqueur. Get our Kumquat Sparkler recipe.

Dinner Recipes

1. Warm Escarole and Mushroom Salad

The acidity of this salad pairs well with a heavy, rich main dish, like meaty roasts, and creamy pastas. Dairy is like a base, the opposite of acid. You can use almost any small type of mushroom. Get our Warm Escarole and Mushroom Salad recipe.

2. Jack Cheese and Grits Soufflé

Only seven ingredients in this recipe, and milk, butter, eggs, and salt are more than half of them. Not so bad. This isn’t a tricky soufflé like you think it is. Get our Jack Cheese and Grits Soufflé recipe.

3. Spice-Rubbed Pot Roast

This chuck roast gets paprika, cayenne, and fresh sprigs of thyme to flavor this classic winter protein. When it’s done, nobody better be hungry. Get our Spice-Rubbed Pot Roast recipe.

4. Mocha Pudding Cake

Seriously, add some freshly brewed coffee and pour it into your cake batter. Come on, do it. With some cocoa powder and brown sugar too, this is a moist, chocolate lovers’ dream. Get our Mocha Pudding Cake recipe.

Snack Recipes

1. Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Heavy cream, milk, brie cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, and of course the namesake ingredients plus more go into making this a dip that you can’t stop .. dipping into. Get our Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip recipe.

2. Nutty Trail Mix

You need to keep you energy up if you’re venturing outside. This munchie, crunchy, snack has the fiber and protein to do the trick when you’re on the go. Dried fruit contrasts the salty almonds and peanuts, aided by crunchy plantains. Get our Nutty Trail Mix recipe

3. Easy Kettle Corn

A little sugar added to that salt and oil makes this a kettle-style corn of the popped variety especially loved by people with a sweet tooth. Get our Easy Kettle Corn recipe.

4. Mulled Hard Pear Cider

Mulled is just adding a bunch of spices to your hot beverage, which usually has wine  or some sort of alcohol in it. Here, it’s a little more than that, with hard pear cider, brandy, and a vanilla bean pod thrown in the mix. Get our Mulled Hard Pear Cider recipe.

You can also cozy up to cold weather with these 3 donuts made with alcohol.

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