The Year in Food 2007

Vegansexuals, tainted dog food, greenwashing, and more

Vegansexuals, tainted dog food, greenwashing:
the people, events, and trends that shaped our diets.

Drinkies: Making waves in beer, water, liquor, mixers, and wine.

Buzzwatch: What things got hot, refused to die, or gave up the ghost.

Calamities: Deaths, scandal, poisonings, failure, heartbreak.

Morals: Stuff we did or didn’t do to save the planet and animals.

Media: Food in video games, TV, web shows, movies, newspapers, and cookbooks.

Backlash: Retaliation and revenge in the food world.

Money: Businesses that soured and soared.

Headlines: Government regulations, lawsuits, and what they mean for our stomachs.

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