We each have our obsessions, and for Tami Parr that obsession is cheese—more specifically, cheese from the Pacific Northwest. She’s exploring the topic on her blog, Pacific Northwest Cheese Project. This is where you want to go to learn about cheeses such as the Blue Juliette, “a beautiful surface ripened goat cheese” made in British Columbia by Salt Spring Island Cheese Company.

Most interesting is the bird’s-eye view you get on the life and passions of a self-confessed “cheese nerd.” Parr comes from a cheesemaking family and takes the topic seriously. “I’m fascinated by cheese as a living, breathing food and a complex intersection of animal, land and craft,” she writes. “This is what I’m exploring when I think about, taste and write about cheese.”

Her passion pours out in posts such as this one:

There are many things you should experience at least once in life … in the cheese world, one thing you shouldn’t miss is the cracking open of a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano. The moment is a thing of beauty–first there’s the artful placing of knives, then, when everything’s just so, a subtle ‘snap’….then an incredible odor pours out, salty and sweet and fruity.

For anyone looking to experience such a Parmigiano epiphany, there are details on the site for an opportunity later this month—if you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest.

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