Lettuce usually hits our plates raw, in green salads or as a cool accompaniment to hot foods, but consider cooking with it, say hounds.

Lettuce and peas cooked in butter is a French classic that hounds enjoy. Cooking it in bacon fat and adding bacon is a good alternative to butter, says paulj. greygarious braises lettuce briefly in chicken broth and butter, then reduces the broth and finishes with green onions or chives and black pepper.

Caroline1 uses lettuce leaves under meat or fish when reheating to retain moisture: Wash the lettuce leaves and lightly shake them, then put a layer in the bottom of the pan. Add the meat, then cover with another lettuce leaf. Cover and heat slowly. “It’s like magic,” she says. “Sooooo much better than nuking to reheat!” Caroline1 also puts a thick layer of shredded iceberg lettuce under short ribs when she braises them, and thinks the meat is more tender and fresh-tasting than without.

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