At the south end of the Sunday Hollywood Farmers’ Market is a stand selling whole fish, crab, lobsters, and sea urchins (uni). sku has discovered that for $7, they’ll crack the shell and you can eat the perfectly fresh uni right there. “I paid, and they cracked. The urchin they handed me was still alive, its spines moving creepily as I held it with a paper towel,” says sku. “They didn’t offer any plasticware (a spoon would have been handy) so I just stood there, scooping uni out with my hand and feeding my face, all the while drawing a crowd of curious onlookers.”

sku says “tasting uni right out of the urchin definitely will make it harder for me to enjoy anything but the very freshest the next time I’m at a sushi bar.”

Sunday Hollywood Farmers’ Market [Hollywood]
1600 Ivar Avenue, Los Angeles

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