Broken rice is just that: grains of rice that are broken instead of whole. The texture of broken rice is drier than that of regular rice, so it should be eaten with dishes that are saucy. It’s used in the Vietnamese dish com tam, which is broken rice topped with various meats, says groover808. The rice is then moistened with “a healthy douse of mixed fish sauce—nuoc cham,” groover808 says.

“I use broken rice when I’m in a hurry to serve something already cooked or something where the sauce is key,” says the_MU. You can cook broken rice in a rice cooker, using slightly less water than normal, says groover808. On the stovetop, the_MU uses a 1 to 1 1/4 ratio of rinsed broken rice to water, brings it to a boil, covers and turns down heat, and lets cook 10 minutes, then removes from heat and lets rest 5 minutes.

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