I admit it, I’ve been tempted by the juice left in the pickle jar. It’s briny, salty goodness, so why not? I’m not the only one either—other people admit to using pickle juice to perk up egg salad and canned tuna. But if cheese is milk’s leap to immortality, the Pickle Sickle is the one good shot the lowly pickle brine has at making it big.

Hailing from Texas, the Pickle Sickle is the brainchild of a roller-skating rink owner, who started freezing the leftover pickle brine and selling it at the rink. When he found he was selling 200 to 300 pickle pops every Friday and Saturday night, he knew he was on to something. Now, according to an article in the Washington Post, he sells “about 20,000 a month, mostly through the Internet.” The frozen pops, which come in original and jalapeño, are even being sold in schools as an alternative to sugary Popsicles, and may be useful for diabetics trying to manage insulin spikes.

This summer, the hottest ticket at the ice cream stand—most certainly the saltiest—just might be the Pickle Sickle.

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