A little lavender goes a long way in cooking. Lavender and lemon are a lovely match, as are lavender and honey. Add a little lavender to any lemon baked good. Lavender also works wonderfully in pound cake and biscotti, or in custardy desserts such as crème brûlée, pudding, and ice cream.

Try infusing vodka with lavender blossoms. Lavender lemonade is extra-refreshing on a hot day. Earl Grey tea with lavender is a variation on the traditional one flavored with bergamot, says jlafler.

lmoy says the fragrant greens of the lavender can be used as a substitute for rosemary. lmoy threw together a terrific kale and goat cheese quiche seasoned with lavender greens and rosemary. PamelaD stuffs the cavity of a chicken with lots of lavender greens and lemon slices and rubs the skin with lavender buds before roasting.

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