chazzerking makes pineapple-vanilla vodka: Cut one large or two small pineapples into chunks and place the chunks in a clean, one-gallon glass jar. Add one split vanilla bean and two 750-milliliter bottles of vodka. Cover the jar tightly and place it in a cool spot. Shake the jar gently each day for 10 days, then strain out the pineapple. Decant the vodka into bottles, leaving the vanilla bean in the infusion.

guerrilagourmet makes quick vodka infusions with spices and fresh aromatics, letting them steep for a couple of days in the bottle, then straining. Here are some of his favorites:

• Jalapeño and chile seeds
• Horseradish root, peeled then grated
• Lemon zest and coriander seeds
• Vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, and nutmeg
• Star anise and anise seed or fennel seed

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