TheManning2 gives a thumbs-up to the six-month-old Flight Bistro & Social Lounge. The arugula salad with Piave Vecchio cheese, candied walnuts, dried apricots, figs, and shaved apple was delicious and gorgeous—ready for its photographic closeup.

TheManning2 recommends the Caprese salad: “The heirloom tomato that topped the dish was served cold, which allowed its flavor to really pop.” He and his wife enjoyed the grilled vegetable flatbread with portobello mushrooms, asparagus, and goat cheese and the prosciutto panini served with a spicy aioli. Desserts hit the mark, including a panko-breaded fried banana served with coconut sorbet—“smooth yet crunchy.” TheManning2 says, “The cool thing about it is it’s priced reasonably for being upscale cuisine -- the most expensive item on the menu is $26.”

Flight Bistro & Social Lounge [Orange County]
8082 Adams Avenue, Huntington Beach

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