The humble honeybee, which is necessary for crop pollination, is an essential part of the food chain, but in the past couple of years, honeybees have been dying off like crazy. In scientific circles, the mass die-off is known as Colony Collapse Disorder, and nobody really understands what’s causing it.

Fans of the CBS series CSI might remember that Grissom’s study of CCD was a running theme through the show’s most recent season. But on the show, it just seemed like another far-fetched plot line—about as believable as the backstory of Catherine Willows, the character who made a seamless career change from exotic dancer to CSI. Unfortunately, colony collapse is a real and serious issue and according to Scott Thill of AlterNet, it “could lead to everything from a radically transformed diet to an overall wipeout of the world’s food supply.”

Now, Häagen-Dazs, a company that uses plenty of honeybee-pollinated fruits and nuts, has started a Help the Honey Bees campaign. The website offers a clear and simple explanation of the honeybee crisis, along with tips on how you can help. The easiest way is to buy some Häagen-Dazs ice cream. According to the San Jose Mercury News, a portion of the proceeds from the new Vanilla Honey Bee flavor, as well as other flavors, will fund research of sustainable pollination and Colony Collapse Disorder at Penn State and the University of California–Davis.

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