For your edification and enjoyment, the three most awesome facts that you’ll glean from this New Zealand Herald article on Pope Benedict XVI’s papal pantry and childhood diet, taken from the book Eat Like a Pope:

1. The Pope’s mom met the Pope’s dad via the 1920s equivalent of eHarmony: a newspaper advertisement, stating in part that “…only ‘expert cooks’ should apply, preferably including a photograph with their response.”

2. The future pontiff’s day-to-day diet calls into question how the German-born Pope Benedict survived into middle age, much less his current geriatric splendor. It included “goulash, hare cooked in lard and red wine, roast veal kidneys, veal cutlet dished up in herbal butter and, when Maria Ratzinger was not cooking, buttery biscuits made at Christmas for the family by local Franciscan nuns.”

3. Snacks? “According to the book, [they] were likely to be hunks of bread with brie rolled in chopped onion and mixed with beer.”

That sounds horrifyingly good, and must certainly rank as some sort of minor but noteworthy venial sin. Purgatory, here I come.

Image source: Flickr member roblisameehan under Creative Commons

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