The Amateur Gourmet is amateur no more: Adam Roberts, the man behind the popular blog and book, has now been tapped by the Food Network to host a behind-the-scenes interview show for the FN website.

Adam developed an audience through his enthusiastic love of food and creative stunts such as baking cupcakes in the shape of Janet Jackson’s faulty-wardrobed breast and musical odes to malted milk ice cream (David Lebovitz’s, of course). Adam’s book was published last year, and now he’s hobnobbing with the likes of Alton Brown and Rachael Ray on his interview show, The FN Dish.

The FN Dish features Adam chatting with members of the Food Network stable of star chefs, commenting on the shows, and covering such events as the South Beach Food & Wine Festival (a Food Network–sponsored shindig). A number of clips have already been posted, with a new installment due each week. The premiere episode has already been viewed more than 4,000 times.

Is this the first of many food bloggers to cross over? Technology-forward Heidi Swanson posted the inaugural 101 Cookbooks recipe video clip recently. Which blogger do you think will make the jump next—and who would you like to see on the screen?

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