I go back and forth on kitchen gadgets: Some I adore, others I despise and disdain. Two new ones this week just make me go, “Hmmm.”

The Eatmecrunchy cereal bowl is designed to save poor sods from the agony that is soggy cereal. There’s an internal shelf that keeps most of the cereal up and off the milk, allowing only a small—quickly eatable portion—to mingle with the milk. The British firm responsible for this genius breakthrough promises that “Eating breakfast will never be the same again!”

Over at Apartment Therapy’s ecofriendly site, called Re-Nest, they are considering the green virtues of the Eco-Cook, a colanderlike insert that attaches to the rim of a cooking pot and allows you to boil peas or carrots in the same water that your pasta is cooking in, thus saving water and energy and dirtying only one pot.

Comments in this section show that plenty of folks have rigged up similar tricks on their own: steamer inserts used to cook vegetables over boiling pasta water; a handful of frozen peas put into a tea ball and tossed into the water used for mac ’n’ cheese. Though, as one ecominded reader pointed out, “doing this with gadgets you already have is more eco-friendly than buying more stuff.”

That’s sort of how I feel about most gadgets anyway (except the Kyocera ceramic slicer that has nearly changed my life). I’m passing on these two and waiting for the next round of life-changing kitchen breakthroughs.

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