Eric Steinman, writing at MSN’s Delish, chronicles the upcoming plan to reformulate 7UP. The end goal? The company will be “using ‘technology’ to give 7UP a ‘crisper’ lemon and lime taste, and the soft drink will come with new graphics on its packaging, all in an effort to compete with Coke and Pepsi.”

The “restaged” beverage sounds as though it’s going to take advantage of the American consumer’s newfound love of EXXXTREME flavor, which should be an interesting balancing act: Restage too much, and you alienate fans; restage too little, and you’ve spent a bunch of time and money to accomplish nothing.

In a way, this makes the miracle that Domino’s unleashed with its own restaging look easy. The pizza purveyor had the advantage of starting with a universally despised product, and had nowhere to go but up. 7UP, however, has never been all that bad … or all that good; as major beverages go, it’s just sort of nondescript. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens when this wallflower tries to dance.

Image source: Flickr member briansuda under Creative Commons

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