One thing to know about me is that I do not drink diet soda. Ever. Just imagining the stale flavor of a diet soda makes me cringe. But having a recent urge for a regular pop, I stopped into my local corner store and grabbed a bottle of Stewart’s Black Cherry Wishniak. After exiting the store, I noticed I had accidentally grabbed a diet soda. Curses! What’s worse, it was too late to take it back because I had already popped the cap off. Begrudgingly, I took a swig, and instead of that flat, artificial sugar-staleness, I was happily greeted by a full-flavored, not-too-sweet black cherry flavor that could fool even me. The Chowhounds and I agree that Stewart’s has given us hope that a diet soda can actually taste good.

Stewart’s Black Cherry Wishniak, $1.25

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