Pastry chef Michael Laiskonis of New York City’s Le Bernardin has joined the ranks of culinary bloggers. On his new website, he hopes to demystify show-stopping desserts by sharing recipes and techniques with home cooks and professional chefs alike. His debut post shares the story behind “The Egg,” one of his signature desserts, and even divulges the recipe (note: This link leads to a pdf file).

Now, this delicate eggshell filled with chocolate crème brulée and caramel custard foam is one fancy-shmancy dessert, but it could be replicated by amateur cooks, as long as they’ve got a nifty Egg Top Cutter, which costs $46.50. Blogger and baker extraordinaire Dorie Greenspan offers another tip for those who don’t want to invest in this pricey gadget, writing, “I think it could also be made in teensy espresso cups (and I hope Michael doesn’t mind my suggesting this for us homebakers).”

But even with all of this explained, there’s still a bit of mystery cloaking “The Egg” because it’s not entirely clear how diners can get their hands on one. Laiskonis writes:

Today at Le Bernardin, ‘The Egg’ often appears unexpectedly as a special treat for our guests, as there has never been any mention of it on any printed dessert menu. That said, we still produce anywhere from 50-100 on a daily basis.

Has anybody tried this thing? And if so, did you have to order it, or was it simply bestowed upon you as a reward for good restaurant behavior?

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