For some reason, eating horse meat both captures the imagination and utterly repulses the average U.S. citizen.

Maybe that’s why there was such a “Won’t somebody think of the horses!” outcry when a horse-for-sale ad in a Saginaw, Michigan, newspaper mistakenly ran in the “Good Things to Eat” section of the classifieds. (Mistakenly? It sounds a little like high-spirited employee mischief to me.)

According to the USA Today story, the woman who was offering the horse for sale—a three-year-old pinto for $200—received 60 phone calls in response to the ad. “I had a lady call whose friend was just in tears over this thing,” Kristen DeGroat said. “It doesn’t help that my cell phone number starts with 666.”

Still, around a third of the callers were interested in buying the horse for its culinary value. None of them, however, was Bo Derek.

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