The Meyer lemon has become a popular citrus fruit in recent years, and for good reason. It’s delicious, unique, and fragrant, says charlottecooks, and worth the price—Meyer lemons are more expensive than regular Eureka or Lisbon lemons in most parts of the country. Meyer lemons are also suitable for different uses. They contain much less acid than ordinary lemons, so recipes that call for lemon juice to add a tart, acidic element might need to be adjusted if you’re using Meyer lemons, says Ruth Lafler. And the delicate flavor may be wasted if they’re used for cooking—they are not the best lemons if you’re making ricotta and merely need something acidic to separate the curd from the whey. However, their juice is excellent in lemonade or even just added to water, and the rind perfumes baked goods with its delicate floral undertones. rainbowbrown made an excellent lemon ginger pie with Meyer lemons and doesn’t think the flavor would have been as subtle and lovely with regular lemons.

Another novel but widely available citrus option is the pomelo, otherwise known as a Chinese grapefruit. caryjones thinks pomelos are much sweeter than ordinary grapefruit, and they’re plentiful and cheap in markets right now. They lack the bitterness of grapefruit, but they are drier, more fibrous, and less juicy than grapefruit. moh thinks of them as “meaty”—a pomelo is very substantial. Best of all, says formosalily, when a pomelo is cut in a particular way to keep the peel in one piece, the peel can turn into a fashionable, if short-lived, hat. Most excellent.

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