What would happen if the Food Network’s Good Eats merged with MTV’s Jackass? Well, the resulting show might look like the utterly amazing Vimeo series posted by a young man who goes by Old Grimy.

This is a very low-budget operation, shot in an untidy kitchen under fluorescent lights. And since Old Grimy doesn’t have a crew, he holds the camera under his chin as he fries up scallops meunière (and apologizes for mispronouncing the name of the dish), and he films himself slurping coffee as he shows off his handmade French press cozy. He gets a little help from a hoodie-wearing cohost named Jcatfood when he makes a particularly messy apple upside-down cake, but when it’s time to do a cinnamon shot Old Grimy agrees to perform the deed himself. (It involves clouds of spat cinnamon and Grimy’s noggin in the trash can.) Later, as Grimy pours some batter into the cake pan, Jcatfood tries to get in his head:

Jcatfood: It’s very important to do this part with feeling. What emotions are you feeling right here?

Old Grimy: I’m sweating … and, uh, I still have a little nausea leftover from the cinnamon.

This episode also illustrates what happens when you use an entire can of evaporated milk in a recipe that only calls for a couple of teaspoons, how to crack an egg with your teeth, and what to do with a bug that lands in your batter. You kinda need to see it to believe it.

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