Bar Hayama gives Orris a run for its money, says SauceSupreme: top-notch, fusion-y tapas, served in a cool space. The food is addictively good, and a great value for the quality. In fair weather, sitting by the big stone outdoor fireplace is a must.

The lobster bisque is out of this world, says J.L. Seared ankimo gets the foie gras treatment, notes SauceSupreme, served with a sweet sauce. Bluefin tuna with blue cheese might sound like a disaster waiting to happen, but it’s also addictively good, with plenty of tuna. Yellowtail collar is crunchy skin and tender flesh. Grilled squid is perfectly cooked, in a delicious sauce. Beef tartare with quail egg is great and well balanced.

Tempura is quite good, says Ciao Bob, but a few people report that the sushi underwhelms. Breaded shrimp stuffed with crab sounds like a good idea, but the shrimp is overdone.

Dishes run about $10, with plenty to share between two people or even decent tastes for five. For the price point, the ankimo and bluefin tuna in particular offer great value.

Five people who ordered 10 items, 3 glasses of wine, and 2 sake flights ended up with a bill of about $150 pretip.

Bar Hayama [Westside – Inland]
1803 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles

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