Derrick of An Obsession With Food wrote earlier this week that his blog was popular with the teen-n-tween crowd, according to Microsoft’s demographic analysis tool. “I’m skeptical that the next generation has so much passion for wine, homemade charcuterie, and fine dining,” he writes, doubting the accuracy of the tool (which predicts viewers’ demographics based on their search queries and Web page views).

While I’m inclined to agree that Derrick knows his readers better than an automated program could, it does seem like a lot of really young people are into food these days. Every time I blink there’s a new cookbook for kids on my desk, and grub-o-philic TV shows and books catering to college students (many of whom blog about food) seem to keep popping up. And just today, Slashfood reported that family-style restaurant chain Applebee’s has hired Food Network heartthrob Tyler Florence to develop some new menu items in a bid to increase the chain’s appeal among young folk.

Maybe Derrick is right that youthful ‘hounds are into different types of chow than their more seasoned counterparts (i.e. maybe the youngsters place less emphasis on traditional “fine dining”). But then there’s apparently a growing number of sommeliers who started developing their oenophilia when they were well underage. Is there really a lurking under-18 crowd in OWF’s readership?

What about here—any teenage CHOW fans out there?

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