A holiday ham often yields plenty of leftovers. Here are some delicious uses for all that meat:

Add ham to quiche, use it to make eggs Benedict, or bake up some ham and cheese scones. A ham and potato gratin is cold-weather comfort food. Ham is fantastic in split pea soup and bean dishes.

Try it with pasta—in mac ’n’ cheese, in an Alfredo sauce with peas, and in baked rigatoni with ham, tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Make ham en croûte by spreading puff pastry with mustard, layering with ham and cheese, wrapping the dough over the top, and baking. It’s like a fancy hot ham sandwich, says thursday.

If you’ve got a ham bone, you can make a great broth, or a terrific lentil, split pea, or bean soup. Chowhounds warn, however, that HoneyBaked hams have lots of sugar on their bones and in their marrow, so you should plan on cooking something where the sweetness will work with the flavors of the dish. danhole uses hers to make a Cajun bean soup with some heat.

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