Apparently a hot, black, grain- and molasses-based beverage can’t compete among today’s jazzy energy drinks and highfalutin specialty coffees, so Kraft Foods has discontinued Postum, the century-old coffee substitute invented by C.W. Post.

And that would be well and good in our fickle always-something-new society, except that one group of people was still enjoying Postum—Mormons.

According to the Deseret Morning News, Mormons (who are prohibited from drinking caffeinated beverages) are heavy Postum users, often beginning their appreciation of it in childhood.

Needless to say, many are up in arms. The comments section for this three-year-old post by blogger Jeff Werner seems to be where many are expressing the seven stages of discontinued product grief, with some calling for a mass boycott of Kraft.

Devotees of this recipe are said to be frantically searching for a Postum substitute.

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